To Fork or not to Fork

Well, a fork of debian entitled ubuntu linux has been prepared, and various developers are raving about it.
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More Damning Statistics

The key pieces of information from this post are that space on Debian mirrors for AMD64 has been asked for for at least 4+ months now and there have been no public responses to inquiries from any member of the ftpmaster team except for those few posts from them without their ftpmaster hats.

The other is that apparently no one in the NM queue were processed in at least 5 months starting from February.

AMD64 Port Blocking

If you follow debian-devel-announce at all, then you’ve seen this message posted to it in the past few days:
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More Victories on the Menu Front

We have another victory on the menu front! 223573 , slrn!

New Design

Well, here is the new debianflame site design. I hope you like it. There are minor changes to be made, but for the most part it is complete. Happy new year!

The Debian Menu System

The debian menu system is a great idea- but really needs updating. Here are some problems I have with it, and some proposed solutions. I hope to append URLs to mailing list discussion etc. as I find them.
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Debian and Fonts

This comment posted to a Slashdot article discussion on the bombshell RedHat dropped on the community today reminded me of one of my gripes about the current state of Debian. So without further fanfare and gratuitous linking, here’s my latest vintage of whine. Cheese is to follow in another, later, post.
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libc6-dev depends on linux-kernel-headers

Ok for our first flame, libc6-dev has just had a dependency on linux-kernel-headers added.
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